Cinnamon-ey Snacks for everyone!

I have been on a cinnamon kick. Cinnamon has been shown to have so many health benefits including raising your metabolism-- gotta love that. I add it to so many things- morning pancakes (recipes and pictures coming soon), muffins, vanilla protein cakes, coffee drinks etc etc etc! I have found a few cinnamon snacks to hold you over until you can whip up your very own cinnamon creations.

Barry's Bakery French Twists

There are many flavors that Barry's Bakery dishes out but lets stick to the original with its sweet cinnamon flavor. It is a puffed pastry that will not puff up your waistline! The very first ingredient* is High Protein Wheat Flour. Do you know any other pastries that have those bragging rights? Each crisp is only 30 calories and contains no trans fats, dairy, butter, cholesterol, eggs or yeast-- and is low sodium! Barry's was kind enough to put WW points values and everything right there on their label.
*ingredients are listed with the most prevalent ingredient first

Medora Snacks has done it again with their new all natural Cinnamon Streusel crisps. They are multi-grain and sweet -- with a cinnamon kick. They were soooo yummy and the whole bag only set me back 180 good quality calories. Take a look for yourself.

Coming soon-- cinnamon raisin bagels, homemade cinnamon pancakes and more!