Deliverance Paddle Faster I Hear Banjos t-shirt

This shirt from Crazy Dog Shirt's is a super funny addition to my wardrobe:
Who wouldn't want this Deliverance Paddle Faster tee straight out of the "funny t-shirt section"? If you have seen this movie you will also want to get your hands on this shirt-- if you haven't well its a classic in its own right and you should watch it now! Over at Crazy Dog they have piles of funny t-shirts, 80's t-shirts, movie t-shirts, gamer t-shirts and many more. In addition, they have COSTUMES! YEAH! They have also generously offered up a couple of reader codes so you can get your own costume from them, they are already very low-priced and they have some great ones to choose from.
TRICK for $5.00 off any costume order or TREAT for 10% off any costume order. The fun doesn't stop there! Want to win a 15.00 code towards your very own cool t-shirt from this site? Well, email me and tell me exactly which shirt you would pick and you may be randomly drawn to be the lucky winner. Hurry, you must have your entry in by Wednesday October 19th! Good luck!

This one goes out to my brother!

Another great tee! Free Mustache Rides is for my brother who has joked about seeing this t-shirt once on a guy in a bar years ago. It has stuck in his memory and now this hilarious shirt will be his forever! This tee shirt is printed on a high quality, light weight and super soft brown shirt that can be worn with just about anything and anywhere you want to send a clear message to all the ladies! You can grab your own Mustache Ride shirt or tons of others in the "Funny T-Shirt" section of NachoMama Tee's. Want to win a 15.00 code towards your very own cool t-shirt from this site? Well, email me and tell me exactly which shirt you would pick and you may be randomly drawn to be the lucky winner. Hurry, you must have your entry in by Wednesday October 19th! Good luck!

Its Just A Joke!

I bet you are wondering WHY I would ever want a shirt like this one?
I love cats just can't eat a whole one is HILARIOUS! I myself love cats, any animal for that matter but will love to get a rise out of my similar animal loving friends plus the shirt is just plain cute. This one I found in the "Funny T-shirts" section among the enormous amounts of funny tees on Costume Squad's website. As the name implies they also have tons of great costumes at super reasonable prices. I found tons of super cool costumes while just browsing around and they have some great original categories like group costumes, movie costumes, sexy costumes and many more! Want to win a 15.00 code towards your very own cool t-shirt from this site? Well, email me and tell me exactly which shirt you would pick and you may be randomly drawn to be the lucky winner. Hurry, you must have your entry in by Wednesday October 19th! Good luck!


Late night dancing!

Check out this cool Paul Frank cd player/ radio that my son has fallen in love with:
He just loves the Paul Frank monkey on the top and smiles everytime he sees this-- not only that but it looks cool in his room. You can catch us dancing nightly to under the sea or yellow submarine blasting from his player. This is from Sparklebee where they have loads of cute stuff (Hello Kitty too). Not JUST for kids either-- check out their website and while you are at it "like" them on facebook and follow them on twitter @sparklebee.


PERFECT Mother's Day Gift!

I was lucky enough to get more chocolate dipped delights from Sharis Berries yet again (I blogged on these last year as well)! I got the "sweet" combo of 10 sweet cherries and a half dozen strawberries. The berries came beautifully packaged in fancy boxes and matching bows, shipped and hand delivered right to my door. I carefully opened the boxes and started drooling-- the berries looked even better than the picture and that they were. Each (gigantic) berry is dipped in an array of chocolate including white, milk and dark then swirled on the top with another chocolate-- they are delicious. Then the cherries are sweet as can be and also dipped in a variety of chocolates and swirled as well. I LOVE the fact that they did not scrimp on the chocolate, it is high quality and there is a lot of it coating each divine treat. So if you are a last minute shopper like me do not ignore chocolate covered strawberry gift ideas! I can see myself sending these for more than just mothers day-- what a TREAT on your birthday or a just because. There are many more chocolate dipped goodies on the website-- check it out!

Internet Shopping Love!

Now with the baby I do more and more of my shopping over the internet. I have always been a huge fan of being able to deal shop at multiple locations with just a click of the mouse! As you know, I order tons of stuff from CSN-- we got all our cookware, baby furniture, baby toys, home decorations etc... from there. I just discovered another CSN feature that I love-- you can send them an email if you find the item you want cheaper somewhere else and they do their best to compete with the price. I have love shopping at CSN and know I will always get great customer service from them so this feature thrills me. They seriously are the "one stop shop" with over 200 stores carrying everything from office desks to baby goodies galore. I am planning on ordering a rice cooker from them in the next couple of days after I do my research. Anyone have any tips on ordering one of these?


Holiday Shopping!

How many of you are busy with your holiday shopping? This year I am doing 90% of my shopping online-- its easier, more time efficient and I always get better deals. My main shopping site? CSN! They have 200+ stores and literally have every single thing on my list. Everything is on their site from gifts for your pets, cookware, slippers and you can even snag a gorgeous leather briefcase. My latest purchase is going to be this cool sundial, it is going to make a very unique present and of course CSN has the best price I could find and free shipping to boot!
After this arrives in the mail I will update you on my CSN shopping experience.

Christmas is coming!

Since my due date is dangerously close to Christmas I have started a bit of my shopping. Some of my favorite gifts are the ones for my pets, I love watching them play with a new toy. My first stop for shopping is always CSN-- they have everything from my cute cat toys to everything for the kitchen all the way into the bathroom including bathroom shelving, vanities-- you name it! Today I am going to order some goodies for my well-deserving furry critters so they do not feel left out come Christmas day. Here is what I plan on getting so far:

Do you have any toys that your kitty just loves? If so, I would love to hear about it. Please send me your tips and suggestions. Also, what great deals have you scored at CSN stores?

I love internet shopping!

As I am wrapping up my baby shopping I am learning to appreciate internet shopping more and more. Whenever I price compare I always end up back at my favorite retailer-- CSN. I have sung the CSN praises many times but just wanted to remind you about their stores (they have over 200 of them). What do you need? A new bar stool? A set of pots and pans? Or a bottle warmer like me? CSN has it all! I love that their prices are so competitive and lots of items have free shipping to boot plus I can stay in my pajamas. So here is my latest find-- the Avent Electric Bottle Warmer. I chose it because it is pretty universal on heating bottles and from what I hear babies have their preferences and may not like the brand of bottles I have chosen for him. I just ordered this today so I will update you when this arrives!

Oh Nuts! AND Life As We Know It

One of my favorites -- Oh Nuts! has partnered with Warner Brothers to promote the upcoming movie "Life As We Know It". Included in this great promotion is a chance to win a trip for 4 to HOLLYWOOD! Included is: Airfare for 4, 4 nights at the W hotel AND 4 tickets to the WB VIP tour. There are other graet running up prizes. The trip looks fantastic and the movie looks just as good! I have seen the commercials and had already planned to catch it in the theatre-- it stars Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel and is a romantic comedy about them suddendly becoming guardians of a child-- TOGETHER! It is a romantic comedy you can not miss-- oh and sneak some Oh Nuts! into the theatre while you are at it.



You have heard me praise CSN stores so many times but here I go again! I am simply hooked on shopping at CSN! Not only do they offer great competitive prices but tons of items have free shipping. I just purchased my nursery furniture from CSN and I am about to log on and get a few items for my cat at their pet store! So what exactly does CSN sell? EVERYTHING-- you name it, from pet supplies to coffee tables to kitchen appliances! Here are a few of the items (scratcher, toy) I will be getting my deserving feline, watch for updates when they arrive I will let you know how much he loves them!


Skip Hop Diaper Bag

If you’re looking for a nice unisex diaper bag look no further, CSN Baby has the perfect diaper bag for you. Take a peek at this olive green Skip Hop Brand diaper bag. The bag has 11 roomy pockets with zippers and magnets for ease of opening and secure closing. Each pocket is made for easy storage of feeding supplies and changing supplies. This Skip Hop diaper bag from CSN Baby also includes a very soft cushioned changing pad and easy to use stroller clips. The bag is an excellent size (13” Wide x 13.75” Tall x 4.25” Deep) to carry over a shoulder and you can fit all you accessories needed to change any messy diaper. If you’re expecting soon you really need to jump on the internet and check out this item along with all the other great baby items CSN Baby has to offer.


Soothing Solutions

I never thought I would be so lucky to get 3 SootheTime products to try. One of the most exciting items I received was a SootheTime snooze wrap plus. The soothing green wrap will allow your baby to sleep with comfort and safety. This wrap has 5 options for comfort and support. The wrap has a super soft head support that may reduce the development of flat head syndrome. The wrap is multi adjustable for growth so you can wrap your baby’s arms in the wrap or there is an arms free option as well. If you would like an even safer secure sleep try using SootheTime Snooze Sheets along with the wrap. The sheet has a built in stabilizer tab to center the wrap without any extra blankets or wedges. Finally, I received a duel set of long sleeve bodysuits that SootheTime calls sleeepzies “How Cute”, made from all natural silky soft fabric. All three of these wonderful products would make any mother or father run to the store to buy a set. Oh!, I also forgot to mention all 3 products are machine washable and dryer free. Thanks SootheTime!!!


I am back!!!

After a bit of a break (I have been consumed with baby stuff) I am back. I have been ordering like a mad woman-- I love my internet shopping. I purchased all of my nursery items right from CSN Baby and fell into a rut when trying to find a not-overly-girlly diaper bag that was functional. Of course I found it at a CSN store! If you aren't familiar with CSN-- they have tons of stores with items ranging from La Creuset cookware all the way to Skip Hop diaper bags! Here is the one I fell in love with:
It is the Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Edition Messenger Diaper Bag in Olive Green and features tons of storage compartments and chic style! I will give you more details once it arrives!


Talk About Cute!

I am LOVING getting baby stuff! I have a definite theme and its animals-- zoo animals in particular. I am an animal lover myself so I am hoping to pass this onto my little one. When I saw these shoes I knew they were a "must have". They are soft, natural, eco-leather shoes by Bobux-- not only safe for the environment but for baby too! I love that the animals face the baby so they can get a good look at just how cute their shoes are. The brown leather is so soft and durable, not only that but it will match with anything. The tiger is stitched on tightly and made with the same soft leather but in brillant colors. Bobux has three lines of great infant and toddler shoes to pick from: Bobux Original (Bobux Chocolate Brown with Tiger is from this line), I-Walk Junior (split sole for flexiblity, slip resistant, cute designs) and and I-Walk (rubber soles with padded insoles to allow babies feet to grow without restriction). Bobux offers free shipping on their shoes as well which makes it a no-brainer when it comes to ordering online. I can not wait for my little one to wear these adorable Bobux shoes!

The Wholesome Junk Food Cookbook

I am a cookie lover and I just worship the cookies by Laura's Wholesome Junk Food. I have featured them previously and a couple times even tried to unsucessfully imitate their awesome cookies unsucessfully. I love that you can eat cookies in a healthy way and they taste so naughty! When I heard that Laura was coming out with a cookbook I was thrilled beyond belief!!! I loved so many things about the cookbook-- one I got to make some awesome cookies at home as well as other "junk food" but also I had most of the ingredients on hand. The recipes are so straightforward, contain simple ingredients and really are healthy. I am obsessed with ice cream right now so I tried the Chocolate Fudge Sauce first! It is amazingly delicious and I was so excited to find out I had ALL the makings for the Chocolate Fudge Sauce right there in my house! I drizzled the sauce right onto my ice cream and fell in love! You can order this book online-- do it now!
PS. I just noticed that Laura has some of her sample recipes posted right there online to hold you over until your very own copy arrives. The chocolate sauce included!


My New Treasure!

Check out my dainty little toe ring that I just got from Auntie's Treasures. If you are not familiar with them get over there now. They have tons of goodies at very reasonable prices whether you are looking for a toe ring like myself or a nice keepsake for a present. There is a full array of jewelry including hard to find items like toe rings, ear cuffs, brooches etc... Not to mention pill boxes, baby rattles and other beautiful items. It was SO hard to pick a toe ring-- they have every section you can think of then a big selection in each area. I narrowed it down to the Gold Vermeil Open Weave Toe Ring it was love at first sight. It is an adjustable toe ring for easy on off and can accomodate for swelling feet (I am pregnant!), it has a beautiful weaved design in a nice gold tone that looks great on the foot. I included a picture of my actual foot with my new ring on, but also their stock photo so you can get a better image of the detail that goes into this ring.

Functional and FUN!

Chic Mama Diaper Cakes makes a huge variety of fun, functional presents to give to that new mama! After enjoying the look of these beautiful cakes you can take them apart and use the diapers that have come together to make this delicious looking cake. The cake REALLY looks like a regular cake complete on a decorative cake board and faked a few people out at my house. I had it sitting on the kitchen table for a cute display and found a couple people staring right at the cake to figure out what it was made of! When I tell them diapers they can not believe what a great concept it is and just how nicely Chic Mama puts these together. Each cake is hand-crafted, you can pick from boys, girls, twins, surprise or even make your very own custom cake. Any mom would be thrilled to get this as a present!


Turtle Mountain

Thank you to Turtle Mountain for letting me try their amazing dairy free delights! I have been on a HUGE ice cream kick so tasting their ice cream was a huge treat! I did get a couple varities but raced home to rip open the Soy Delicious Coconut Milk "Coconut Almond" bars. I love everything about this bar-- Coconut Ice Cream is rich and delicious, the chocolate coating was generously thick and the almonds gave the bar the perfect nutty crunch. This bar is dairy free, sweetened with agave (which helps me because I am avoiding aritifcial sweeteners during my pregnancy), no trans fats and made with organic ingredients. Not only does Turtle Mountain have a wide variety of ice creams from the pints, to sandwiches to the amazing bars but they have tons of other products as well. I am already a Soy Delicious consumer-- there is nothing on the market that even compares to their Coconut Milk flavored creamers. They taste out of this world and have many health benefits to boot. In addition, check out their coconut milks, soy milks, soy ice creams, yogurts and even kids pops!


Soybutter for Safety

I LOVE any type of nut butters including this soybutter by SchoolSafe Soybutter. I was not exactly sure what this meant but after visiting their website I found out that a lot of people do have peanut allergies and just how dangerous they can be. After trying this soybutter you will love the taste whether you have a nut allergy or you are just conscious of those around you who do. The texture of SchoolSafe Soybutter is just like a thick, rich peanut butter with a touch of sweetness to it. Two tablespoons have about the same stats as natural peanut butter with 200 calories, 15 grams of fat (good fat), 4 grams of sugar and 7 grams of protein (soybutter is a complete protein giving it a nutritious up on peanut butter). Soy has health benefits from childhood through adulthood, visit their website for much more information.

Protect your Little One

With Little Twig’s Mineral Sunscreen of course. Being outside as much as possible I have to be prepared to protect my baby with only the best sun care out there. That is why I will be reaching for Little Twig SPF 30+ Mineral Sunscreen. In addition to offering great sun protection the lotion itself is extra mild, unscented and is water-resistant not to mention an organic sunscreen. Check out their other organic baby products, bath products and baby washes.

Angel Hair Slaw

How does angel hair slaw dressing get its name? Well it’s a very interesting story during WWII a Greek immigrant created his famous dressing. He served very thin angel hair sliced cabbage and served the cabbage with his famous spiced dressing. Today John’s Famous Dressing is bottling and manufacturing the famous dressing to exact high standards. Not only is this dressing good on cabbage it is also great on lettuce salads, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Check it out!!!

Rock Apparel for Babies????

Rock on little one!!!! Baby Rock Apparel is AWESOME you can get just about everything that say’s I’m a Rock and Roll Baby. I received a nice black 100% Rib cotton t-shirt with “What Happens In Preschool Stays In Preschool” shirt for my toddler. What a great first impression for any teacher, right???? I love it the shirt is so cute but so COOL at the same time. Baby Rock apparel not only has T-shirts, they also have onesies, hoodies, footwear, band shirts and much more. I also received a Pacifier with the words “Little Monster” on the front. Perfect for any girl or boy because we all know what monster’s our little ones can be or turn into!!! The pacifier is made of non-toxic, hygienically formed, natural bite-resistant materials to sooth any child’s emotions. ROCK ON BABY!!!!


I am SO excited to get to try my new “toys” from Harbinger Fitness. Not only does Harbinger make the best weight lifting gloves in the business, their other items are also of the best quality out there. Since I have been pregnant working out has fallen a bit to the wayside but after the baby comes—it is back on!!! I can not wait to get back into my normal routine. These items will REALLY help me since I plan keep my workouts home as much as possible. Here is what I have to get my pre-baby body back:

Heavy Resistance Cables
6 lb weighted fitness ball with velcro strap
2lb weighted pvc rope

The workout possibilities with these tools are endless. Just to get a feel for each item I had my other half demonstrate each cable, ball and rope for me—since then they have been used numerous times. We both love Harbinger Fitness. Stay in touch with the brilliant folks at Harbinger by visiting their blog, facebook account or follow them on Twitter.


If you are going to eat cookies—

Why not indulge in healthy ones? Ope’s cookies makes actual good for you cookies that you can appreciate the flavor and not feel guilty after eating. The secret to these cookies? Their vegan approach totally free of animal products and totally organic! Using such ingredients makes their cookies have no cholesterol, no trans fat, no refined carbs or sugar, no eggs, dairy or butter, kosher, low-calorie and deliciously yummy. My favorite was the Chocolate Walnut—with vegan chocolate chips, organic walnuts in a oatmeal dough.

Natural Cuddles

Environmentally friendly, 100% organic Indian cotton clothes for your baby. Take a peek at these one of a kind onesies, pants, and Kimono’s from Natural Cuddles. They are so soft and smooth your child won’t even know they have clothes on. The pants are made with a very nice and comfortable loose fit, with nothing tight around the ankles so your child can motor around the house in ease. Natural Cuddles also has very cute and innocent Kimono’s for either a boy or a girl. The Kimono’s are used so that in the early stages your baby doesn’t have to have anything stretching over their head to get dressed. The Kimono wraps around your baby for easy access and comfort. Finally, the onesies are a Mother and Father’s best friend in the beginning. These onesies from Natural Cuddle are very soft, made with organic Indian cotton and the fasteners are nickel free. The makers of Natural Cuddles also took into consideration for diaper space in all of their products so nothing is ever tight on your child. Take a peek at the picture below to see all the unique designs and colors of some of their baby products my child is going love.


Personalized pacifiers, what a concept!!!! You will never have to try and figure out what pacifier is your child’s when you’re at a family event with 6 or more other children. You will automatically know what pacifier is your child’s if you personalize your child’s pacifier from MyPacifier. MyPacifier is the first company to sell personalized pacifiers in the United States and they do a fabulous job. You are able to put your child’s name or even a phrase on the pacifier to make it unique and cute. I decided to put the nick name we came up with for our child since we do not whether our child is a boy or a girl yet. The word or phrase we put on our pacifiers is “Peanut” because he or she is our little peanut right now. You are able to choose from orthodontic, symmetrical, and round pacifiers. You also have many different color choices and you can choose from silicone and latex nipples as well.


Sun-Maid homemade

I am a dried fruit freak and when I think raisins I think Sun-Maid!! This classic brand of raisins is the absolute best and they provide the highest quality of raisins and other dried fruits (try their tropical blend). Longing for an old favorite I made “Classic Raisin Oatmeal Cookies” taking the recipe exactly from the extensive recipe section on the Sun-Maid website. Here is the recipe:

Classic Raisin Oatmeal Cookies
Preparation time: About 10 minutes
Baking time: 15 minutes

3/4 cup softened butter or margarine
1 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup milk
1 large egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 cups quick or old-fashioned oats
1 cup Sun-Maid Natural Raisins
1 cup coarsely chopped nuts (optional)

HEAT oven to 350 F.
BEAT butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, milk, egg and vanilla until light and fluffy.
COMBINE flour, cinnamon, baking soda and salt.
ADD to butter mixture and mix well.
STIR in oats, raisins and nuts, if using. Drop by tablespoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets.
BAKE 12 to 15 minutes. Remove from cookie sheets.
COOL on wire racks.

The cookies turned out just like I remembered them, moist and chewy with bursts of raisins throughout giving it just the right amount of sweetness! Check out other ways to incorporate raisins in your diet from taking their snack packs along with you to making their Broccoli Raisin salad!


Kernel Season’s

This great seasoning collection by Kernel Season’s may be branded towards popcorn but let me tell you these amazing flavors have so many more uses. I started out with a big bowl of plain popcorn and tried the nacho cheddar and kettle corn. The kettle corn tasted both sweet and salty with just a few shakes to enhance my snacking. Once I got to the nacho cheese I had so many images flowing through my head for that one—on top of veggies, on top of baked potatoes, spice up plain eggs—the possibilities are endless! Their whole lineup of these amazing spice blends will make your tastebuds very happy! I also love that Kernel Season’s blends are healthy with ¼ teaspoon containing only 5 calories= total calorie bargain!


Kazana Whole Foods

I was lucky enough to be able to try the foods by Kazana Whole Foods. Kazana is a family company inspired by the whole in the market for quality protein bars and to incorporate the concepts of Ayurveda, a Natural Healthcare System practiced in India. Kazana products are packed with natural, premium and healthy ingredients. They are constantly working to bring you the best and the latest in herbs as well as other quality ingredients. I tried the Cocoa Chip Kazana Bars and for a true chocoholic I was immediately impressed by the way this bar tasted so rich and chocolately packed with nuts and dark chocolate yet was so good for you. These bars are a great way to celebrate the goodness of cocoa and bringing it into your diet in the right way. I also munched the Kazana Exotic Cashews. Cashews are my FAVORITE nut. If you have good ones they are rich, with a smooth nutty, buttery taste to them. Kazana’s did not disappoint me to say the least, their cashews are available in two flavors: Himalayan Secret or Sweet 'N' Sour. I refuse to pick a favorite- they were both heavenly and I could not put them down. Check out Kazana for yourself.

Bedding Arrival!

My gorgeous baby bedding set has arrived! As always with CSN stores I was not disapointed in any part of my experience. The ordering was easy, they have great deals, customer service is top notch, variety is amazing and shipping was very fast. They always let you know how soon it will ship, if its in stock etc... Plus since I spent over 69.00 it qualified for free shipping which made their price MUCH better than the other places I looked. As you probably read before I went with the Bedtime Originals Baby Zoo Bedding. Not being able to see it in person I relied on the description and it was better than described. The actual blanket/ quilt is so soft and plush with microfiber details. The animals are heavily stiched to stand the wear and tear of children and the designs are so cute! I love the earth tones and will be able to liven it up in the room with bright greens and animal prints. I am so happy with my choice! They have so many accessories to match this set and so many other sets as well. Check out CSN for all your shopping needs!


I'll Admit it--

It may be a little soon to be ordering a potty bench BUT when I see something that is trendy and cool for baby I have to have it! Boon has the hands down coolest stuff- everything they have has a modern twist that makes it fit perfectly into your home. I fell madly in love with this green potty bench (didn't know that was possible) and knew it would be the potty bench we used since the color matched perfectly with our newly renovated bathroom. I love the color choices they offer and just the overall look of their products. Most importantly, this potty bench is extremely functional as well-- it has two enclosed side storage spaces for supplies, a pull out drawer for eay clean-up and a stool that supports up to 300 pounds-- there is even a toilet paper holder and removable shield. Visit Boons website and you will be amazed at the great products they have for baby. As for other baby accessories I will be ordering "Flo" next in that same green. You can also get Boon updates on their News Blog, Facebook Page and Twitter!



I have declared my love for Shirataki Noodles many a time so I am pleased to let you know that House Foods has come out with a line up of already prepared Shirataki Noodle dishes. The flavors are Creamy Coconut Curry and Red Vindaloo Curry. The great thing about these meals is that they are portion sized, calorie controlled (150-190 calories) and very easy to prepare! There is always a lot of confusion when it comes to preparing Shirataki Noodles so this takes the guess work out of it and even tops it with a yummy sauce. I am very partial to the Creamy Coconut Curry—it rocked my socks off! The Red Vindaloo Curry is also good and very spicy! I would buy the Creamy Curry Coconut on a regular basis to tote along to work. Generally, when you eat a dish with the words “Creamy”, “Coconut” and “Curry” in them you are looking at hundreds or even thousands of calories so these are perfect dishes without a splurge! Get them now and also pick up some regular Shirataki Noodles and make some of my recipes using them. Delish!


Bouncing Frogs in my mailbox!

OH MY GOSH! I was very pleasantly surprised yesterday when I opened a box with the softest, fluffiest, and most luxurious burp cloths and baby blankets you could ever imagine. I received these soft to a touch items from Bouncing Frogs; they are my idol! I really could not believe how soft these items were. The burp cloths are amazing my children will never have a ruby red face from wiping up spit and whatever else may project out of their mouth. The burps cloths are a very reasonable size as well at 9 inches by 15 inches these cloths are a perfect fit on anyone’s shoulder. These cloths not only feel soft and look great but they are super absorbent and do their job very well. Bouncing Frog’s have a variety of different colors you have to choose from, I received a very nice tone of brown and white with dimples on one side to give the cloth a nice unique look and feel. If you’re a soon to be mother or already are a mother you really need to see for yourself what I’m raving about these cloths are a nursery must have. Now, onto the blanket; I thought Bouncing Frogs could not get any softer than the burp cloths, but I was wrong the blanket made from the same materials (minky fabric on one side and plush on the other) as the burp cloth was even softer. I think it’s because it’s bigger in size and just makes it feel softer because of that. Speaking of the size the blanket is 29 inches by 34 inches - just the right size to wrap your precious child up to keep them safe and warm. The blankets have an added extra bonus they are handmade with a lot of love. Both items come with a tag attached to a ribbon to explain how to wash them. The burp cloths and blankets are machine washable and wash after wash come out looking and feeling like new. If you have not stopped reading this already and went to check out Bouncing Frogs website you really should, they have many other great products and they are coming out with a organic bedding line in the near future.

Baby Bedding Alert!

We just finished painting and wrapping up the nursery-- it is adorable. It has motivated me to get serious and start making choices! I just ordered my crib bedding set from CSN Baby. As you all know I am in love with the CSN stores-- they have so many and choices ranging from Bathroom Vanities, to Kitchenware to Baby Stuff! Its your one stop shop! About my bedding-- its too cute! I knew that whether it was a boy or a girl the animal theme was for me! I chose the "Bedtime Originals Baby Zoo Crib Bedding Collection" set with the jungle theme and warm earth tones. More details to come when I get my cute as pie bedding set-- until then go check out the CSN store lineup!


Indulging is FUN!

Do you love fudge? Read on! I was able to try Grandma Ruby’s signature fudge creations this weekend. I received a sampler box and it was definitely fudge worth raving about! Each decadent flavor that I unwrapped tasted just like the description and more. I tried Caramel Almond Cheesecake, Raspberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Turtle, Butter Pecan, Cookies N Cream, Lemon Meringue Cheesecake, Caramel Apple, Chocolate, Maple, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Heath English Toffee and Butter Cream with Walnuts. Yes, I did try each and every flavor! They were all heavenly. Jumping onto Grandma’s website you will see that on top of each of those luscious flavors they have so much more to offer—toffee, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, diabetic treats, moose poop, bear poop (go check out the “poops” for yourself) and coffee/ teas. If I had to pick a favorite it would be a tight race between the Chocolate Turtle, Cookies N Cream, Chocolate Peanut butter and the Heath English Toffee. The Chocolate Turtle won my heart though! Grandma Ruby’s fudge is made with the finest real ingredients which made up with classic chocolate, melted caramel combo topped with pecans. Just check out the picture, then place your order online. Order just one pound now and they will send you a bag of chocolate covered sunflower seeds for free.

A Stinky Situation!

Do you ever have towels that have that icky, musty scent to them? I have a whole bunch of towels that I have shoved to the bottom of the pile for just that reason. Smelly Washer has just the solution- Smelly Towel!!! Smelly Towel is a unique formula that naturall refreshes your mildew-smelling towels or even clothing. It has a great scent too that just adds to the freshness of your fabrics and makes them smell like new again. All you have to do is add a teaspoon of Smelly Towel to your full load of laundry and they will come out smelling totally refreshed. As maintenance, you can add a half teaspoon to loads in the future. I dug out those mangy towels and with many doubts washed them as the directions said—I was AMAZED at the results. These towels are like new again! I am so disappointed that I did not find this product earlier, I have retired so many towels to the car washing rag bin for this reason alone. Want to win your own bottle?! Smelly Washer is going to send one lucky reader a bottle of Smelly Towel to banish their smells away. To be the winner you must first, visit the Smelly Washer website. Then, send me an email ( telling me something interesting you learned on the Smelly Washer website. In addition, copy at least three of your friends on the email so they know about Smelly Washer as well (please include the link to the website in the body of the email). You may send me an email every single day as an entry—the person who has copied the most friends on the email will be my winner! Hurry—you only have until Friday June 18th at midnight to get your last email in my box! Good luck!


Wake Up Muffins

Wake up and smell the………. MUFFINS!! Wake Up Muffins are made from scratch with a lot of love. These muffins are shipped fresh and ready to eat right out of the package. They have all of my favorite flavors to choose from like blueberry, strawberry, and morning glory. My favorite out of the three are the classic blueberry and the morning glories made with cinnamon, carrots (YUM), raisins, apples, walnuts, and coconuts. What a great way to jump start your busy day than with an all in one powerful morning glory muffin.


If your looking for excellent quality feeding supplies after or even before your child is born you need to take a peek at Lansinoh’s website. Lansinoh has a variety of feeding supplies to make your life a lot easier and relaxed when it comes to feeding time. Before you know it you’re changing another diaper again and again and again make life gentler on your child by using Lansinoh Clean & Condition Cloths they will clean up any type of mess your baby produces. Then, almost every child gets diaper rash at some point in time Lansinoh has a non-greasy Diaper Rash ointment that goes on gentle and smooth for your baby’s delicate and soft skin. This ointment is wonderful it goes on white so you know the areas that you still need to get but the great part is that once you rub it in, it turns clear so you do not have messy hands or get it all over your baby’s clothes. If you like what you’re reading you really need to check it out. Thanks Lansinoh!!

Where Am I?

You will be literally questioning whether you are in a 5-star restaurant or if the meal you are eating was made right in your own kitchen. Chicago Steaks has as a fresh line of retail products that you can purchase online some being Hispanic and Latin flavored, some traditional American favorites, all a hit in my house. The quality of meat that you will get from Chicago Steaks is the highest quality available in your meat case. Not only is the quality great but the work has been done for you—the ribs are pre-marinated with a delicious sauce complete in a special cooking sauce, the fajita diced beef is spiced and ready to go—everything they have is simple and delicious. I was able to cook a rack of ribs from Chicago Steaks right there in my oven. They came in a pouch that I was able to put on a pan and directly into the oven. The sauce was perfect with a bit of a kick but also a sweetness to it. I generally don’t cook ribs at home because of the mess, time and expense but I have found the perfect solution for the perfect at home rib dinner. I served them with some sautéed baby potatoes and side salads. Splitting the rack of ribs we were stuffed! One rack will easily feed two very hungry (and one pregnant) people! I also have the beef skirt steak, pork shoulder butt and diced pre-seasoned taco beef which just happens to be on the menu tonight. I am confident that any meat I get from Chicago Steak will be unsurpassed in quality since they have been serving restaurants, hotels and other institutions for over 40 years. They take pride in providing the best products at a reasonable price which we can all appreciate right now.