Bouncing Frogs in my mailbox!

OH MY GOSH! I was very pleasantly surprised yesterday when I opened a box with the softest, fluffiest, and most luxurious burp cloths and baby blankets you could ever imagine. I received these soft to a touch items from Bouncing Frogs; they are my idol! I really could not believe how soft these items were. The burp cloths are amazing my children will never have a ruby red face from wiping up spit and whatever else may project out of their mouth. The burps cloths are a very reasonable size as well at 9 inches by 15 inches these cloths are a perfect fit on anyone’s shoulder. These cloths not only feel soft and look great but they are super absorbent and do their job very well. Bouncing Frog’s have a variety of different colors you have to choose from, I received a very nice tone of brown and white with dimples on one side to give the cloth a nice unique look and feel. If you’re a soon to be mother or already are a mother you really need to see for yourself what I’m raving about these cloths are a nursery must have. Now, onto the blanket; I thought Bouncing Frogs could not get any softer than the burp cloths, but I was wrong the blanket made from the same materials (minky fabric on one side and plush on the other) as the burp cloth was even softer. I think it’s because it’s bigger in size and just makes it feel softer because of that. Speaking of the size the blanket is 29 inches by 34 inches - just the right size to wrap your precious child up to keep them safe and warm. The blankets have an added extra bonus they are handmade with a lot of love. Both items come with a tag attached to a ribbon to explain how to wash them. The burp cloths and blankets are machine washable and wash after wash come out looking and feeling like new. If you have not stopped reading this already and went to check out Bouncing Frogs website you really should, they have many other great products and they are coming out with a organic bedding line in the near future.