Its Just A Joke!

I bet you are wondering WHY I would ever want a shirt like this one?
I love cats just can't eat a whole one is HILARIOUS! I myself love cats, any animal for that matter but will love to get a rise out of my similar animal loving friends plus the shirt is just plain cute. This one I found in the "Funny T-shirts" section among the enormous amounts of funny tees on Costume Squad's website. As the name implies they also have tons of great costumes at super reasonable prices. I found tons of super cool costumes while just browsing around and they have some great original categories like group costumes, movie costumes, sexy costumes and many more! Want to win a 15.00 code towards your very own cool t-shirt from this site? Well, email me and tell me exactly which shirt you would pick and you may be randomly drawn to be the lucky winner. Hurry, you must have your entry in by Wednesday October 19th! Good luck!