Internet Shopping Love!

Now with the baby I do more and more of my shopping over the internet. I have always been a huge fan of being able to deal shop at multiple locations with just a click of the mouse! As you know, I order tons of stuff from CSN-- we got all our cookware, baby furniture, baby toys, home decorations etc... from there. I just discovered another CSN feature that I love-- you can send them an email if you find the item you want cheaper somewhere else and they do their best to compete with the price. I have love shopping at CSN and know I will always get great customer service from them so this feature thrills me. They seriously are the "one stop shop" with over 200 stores carrying everything from office desks to baby goodies galore. I am planning on ordering a rice cooker from them in the next couple of days after I do my research. Anyone have any tips on ordering one of these?