PERFECT Mother's Day Gift!

I was lucky enough to get more chocolate dipped delights from Sharis Berries yet again (I blogged on these last year as well)! I got the "sweet" combo of 10 sweet cherries and a half dozen strawberries. The berries came beautifully packaged in fancy boxes and matching bows, shipped and hand delivered right to my door. I carefully opened the boxes and started drooling-- the berries looked even better than the picture and that they were. Each (gigantic) berry is dipped in an array of chocolate including white, milk and dark then swirled on the top with another chocolate-- they are delicious. Then the cherries are sweet as can be and also dipped in a variety of chocolates and swirled as well. I LOVE the fact that they did not scrimp on the chocolate, it is high quality and there is a lot of it coating each divine treat. So if you are a last minute shopper like me do not ignore chocolate covered strawberry gift ideas! I can see myself sending these for more than just mothers day-- what a TREAT on your birthday or a just because. There are many more chocolate dipped goodies on the website-- check it out!