Soothing Solutions

I never thought I would be so lucky to get 3 SootheTime products to try. One of the most exciting items I received was a SootheTime snooze wrap plus. The soothing green wrap will allow your baby to sleep with comfort and safety. This wrap has 5 options for comfort and support. The wrap has a super soft head support that may reduce the development of flat head syndrome. The wrap is multi adjustable for growth so you can wrap your baby’s arms in the wrap or there is an arms free option as well. If you would like an even safer secure sleep try using SootheTime Snooze Sheets along with the wrap. The sheet has a built in stabilizer tab to center the wrap without any extra blankets or wedges. Finally, I received a duel set of long sleeve bodysuits that SootheTime calls sleeepzies “How Cute”, made from all natural silky soft fabric. All three of these wonderful products would make any mother or father run to the store to buy a set. Oh!, I also forgot to mention all 3 products are machine washable and dryer free. Thanks SootheTime!!!