I am SO excited to get to try my new “toys” from Harbinger Fitness. Not only does Harbinger make the best weight lifting gloves in the business, their other items are also of the best quality out there. Since I have been pregnant working out has fallen a bit to the wayside but after the baby comes—it is back on!!! I can not wait to get back into my normal routine. These items will REALLY help me since I plan keep my workouts home as much as possible. Here is what I have to get my pre-baby body back:

Heavy Resistance Cables
6 lb weighted fitness ball with velcro strap
2lb weighted pvc rope

The workout possibilities with these tools are endless. Just to get a feel for each item I had my other half demonstrate each cable, ball and rope for me—since then they have been used numerous times. We both love Harbinger Fitness. Stay in touch with the brilliant folks at Harbinger by visiting their blog, facebook account or follow them on Twitter.