Personalized pacifiers, what a concept!!!! You will never have to try and figure out what pacifier is your child’s when you’re at a family event with 6 or more other children. You will automatically know what pacifier is your child’s if you personalize your child’s pacifier from MyPacifier. MyPacifier is the first company to sell personalized pacifiers in the United States and they do a fabulous job. You are able to put your child’s name or even a phrase on the pacifier to make it unique and cute. I decided to put the nick name we came up with for our child since we do not whether our child is a boy or a girl yet. The word or phrase we put on our pacifiers is “Peanut” because he or she is our little peanut right now. You are able to choose from orthodontic, symmetrical, and round pacifiers. You also have many different color choices and you can choose from silicone and latex nipples as well.