The Wholesome Junk Food Cookbook

I am a cookie lover and I just worship the cookies by Laura's Wholesome Junk Food. I have featured them previously and a couple times even tried to unsucessfully imitate their awesome cookies unsucessfully. I love that you can eat cookies in a healthy way and they taste so naughty! When I heard that Laura was coming out with a cookbook I was thrilled beyond belief!!! I loved so many things about the cookbook-- one I got to make some awesome cookies at home as well as other "junk food" but also I had most of the ingredients on hand. The recipes are so straightforward, contain simple ingredients and really are healthy. I am obsessed with ice cream right now so I tried the Chocolate Fudge Sauce first! It is amazingly delicious and I was so excited to find out I had ALL the makings for the Chocolate Fudge Sauce right there in my house! I drizzled the sauce right onto my ice cream and fell in love! You can order this book online-- do it now!
PS. I just noticed that Laura has some of her sample recipes posted right there online to hold you over until your very own copy arrives. The chocolate sauce included!