Eddie's to the rescue!

Last night I had the great pleasure of enjoying another bar by Eddie's. The bar is Fresh, Natural and provides Energy with a kick of protein and fiber. This bar was similar in texture to the other Eddie's bar I reviewed, which just so happened to be my FAVORITE chocolate bar EVER. No joke! This one was "organic peanut butter with chocolate chips", their most popular.

This bar was again thick, cake like, filled with good wholesome ingredients like peanut butter, oats and of course-- chocolate chips! Huge for the nutrtionals too which wins my heart every time.

The whole thing contains only 234 calories and has 8 grams of protein, now thats a great snack or mini-meal paired with a piece of fruit or yogurt. Get on their website and read their ingredient lists if you aren't sold yet. Their bars are so simple, clean and REAL FOOD! Since Eddie's is not filled with artificial ingredients or preservatives (which I love) my other bars are now tucked safely in the freezer just waiting for me.