Kay's Naturals Better Balance Protein Cereals

After trying three varities of this cereal: Apple Cinnamon, French Vanilla and Honey Almond I am hard pressed to name a favorite. These cereals come in individual pouches that contain a mere 100 calories each which helps a LOT with portion control, cereal is SOOOOOOO hard to stop at the "serving size". The portion was huge for the 100 calories which makes it a great calorie bargain. On top of that the taste was superior to ANY high protein cereal I have ever tasted. Each were shaped like o's and all were so flavorful and exactly what I expected from the yummy titles. Plus their slogan is "Build Muscle, Not Fat"-- who doesn't want to do that?! Its worth a shot-- eat yummy cereal and not get fat? Sign me up!

Each bag contains:

-only 100 calories

-9 grams of protein

-3 grams of dietary fiber

-only 15 grams of total carbs

-all natural with no trans fats
I ate these right out of the bag-- no milk, nothing, they don't need it, but they would be great as a traditional breakfast cereal, in yogurts, trail mixes. I have to get my hands on more of these cereals! This is what the bags look like and here is the website.