Product Review: Vitalicious

The folks over at Vitalicious do not disappoint! I have been lucky enough to find the Cran-Bran muffin tops at my local store occasionally but now I am able to try so many more flavors and BEG my retailers to carry more of a variety. I was lucky enough to munch on the Vita Brownie (complete with walnuts on the top) and the Double Chocolate Dream. They were both equally dreamy!

WOW! The Double Chocolate flavor was fantastic! Rich and fudgy complete with white chocolate chips. I warmed it in the microwave for about 20 seconds and it was like a warm piece of cake. I felt like I was cheating and all for 100 calories. I just couldn’t stop there so I went for the Vita Brownie and oh boy—it was absolutely my favorite. SO moist and delicious. I am amazed how chocolate-ty this one is. And let me tell you—I LOVE CHOCOLATE. I can see myself eating these at breakfast, between breakfast and lunch with some fruit, after lunch, pre-workout, or as dessert! That is how good these are.
Hop over to their website: VITALICIOUS and order NOW! Keep your eyes peeled for more Vita-Reviews coming soon!