Sport Protein Egg White Protein Powder by Rose Acre Farms

I have never worked with egg white protein in a powder form before now. The benefits of using a powder are HUGE. For me, the convenience factor alone is worth giving this product a shot. But on top of that, by using the powder there is no waste (throwing away the yoke), can be stored for a very long time, removes the risk of contamination (salmonella and bacteria), is more cost effective and you get all the benefits of consuming fresh egg whites.
The egg white protein powder by Rose Acre Farms has NO ADDITIVES yet is fresh and USDA inspected.

Now-- What do you do with egg whites in powder form? I had to do a bit of research myself but found out that it is used by bakers to make meringues, frostings, cakes etc... But for us who are consuming egg whites for the nutritional, lean muscle building benefits there are MANY other ways to use this product!

Visit the website for recipes and read my trials below:

Protein Shake made using the egg whites:
1 cup Hood Carb Countdown Milk
4 tablespoons powdered egg whites
4 tablespoons Chocolate Fudge FF/SF pudding mix
2 packets sweetner
few ice cubes

Taste: WOW. It was rich and creamy with NO eggy taste! I always read where people consumed raw egg whites in shakes and could never get myself to do this so from now on this is my solution-- plus for me it kept the calories really low. I have so many combos in mind now-- swap out the pudding and add some peanut butter and cocoa powder, different extracts -- endless possiblities.

Oatmeal Bowl
Ever since winter started my favorite lunch at work has been oatmeal! I love, love, love egg whites in my oatmeal and lugging egg whites around was seriously a pain so now its great with the powder. When making it I reconstituted the egg whites on the side and then added them to the oatmeal. Here is what I did step by step.
1. I usually use 5 whites so I had 10 level tablespoons of the white powder that I added an equal amount of warm water to and mixed, then let it sit while I prepared my oatmeal.

2. Took 1/2 cup oatmeal (old fashioned) 1 tablespoon dark chocolate cocoa powder and a few packets sweetner and mixed. Covered that with water and put in the microwave for three mintues or until done (depending on your microwave). Then I slowly stirred in the reconstituted whites and microwaved for 30 more seconds, then let it sit-- stirring often. It turned out just like I normally do it but now I can just store a tupperware of whites and oats here without carrying the whites daily. I used to crack the eggs in the AM, put in a tupperware, then wrap it so it didn't leak. Every second in the morning is PRECIOUS so this was so great.

Please watch for more recipes coming using these powdered egg whites. These are going to be a staple for me from now on. I love them and can not wait to try them making my oatmeal bars, protein bars etc.. Let me know what you come up with after ordering the whites. Here is the website again, they are very cost effective with great customer service plus your whites come directly from the farm.