Bread of Life Gluten Free Products

Who doesn't love cookies? But not all cookies love everyone back. If you have intolerances, sensitivities or special diet needs most cookies are not made with you in mind but these are. The cookies from Gluten Free Life are amazing but so is the company, they care about their consumers. Just checking out their website I knew how much they care "Gluten Free Life's gluten free facility is wheat free, tree nut free, lactose free, oat free, barley free and rye free. We are striving to produce as safe a product as possible for the gluten free community." AND they care about animals "Our free range eggs come from birds that live in the sunshine and have normal chicken lives. They are not fed antibiotics or any other drugs so that no traces of such drugs can be found in the food we make for you. Factory chickens are routinely fed drugs and live out their "lives" caged in small cells. We feed free range eggs to our families because we feel they are superior to other eggs. We see our customers as an extension of our own families and want you to be nourished and blessed by the foods we produce." So how are their products you ask? Well, a chocolate chip cookie does not last long in my household so this was devoured first last night and my taste buds exploded. For the minimal ingredients used I was a bit skeptical but they worked magic on the cookies! Wow! I warmed in the microwave and had with a small glass of milk for a bedtime treat. The cookie was big, chewy and full of chocolate chips-- just how I like it. Watch tomorrow for my Apple Pie Muffin, yes APPLE PIE! Please visit their website and order up from their bakery-- you will not be disappointed!