BIOselect Natural Cosmetics, Hair and Skin Care

I have a condition called Exfoliative Keratosis. It causes extreme peeling on my hands in cycles. It is horrible and painful. They do make Rx creams that you use to help during the “outbreaks” but you can not use them constantly. So there is nothing I love more than a rich and creamy hand lotion. BIOselect makes all natural skin care which I was so excited about trying. They use an old tradition of an olive oil base. Now you may be thinking that it leaves an oily film and I was unsure about the same thing but it doesn’t at all. It absorbs and leaves a protective shield feeling even through a handwash. My hands just felt silky and protected. I am also trying the Anti-ageing serum and so far LOVE it. Due to the combination of the rice proteins, co-enzyme Q10 I can really tell a difference. I am such a skeptic on this stuff but the all natural blends really do the trick. They have quite an array of products to check out!