Can you believe it?

Check out this single serving (aka portion control people!!!) by Pizza Fit N' Free!

WOW! I read some stats on their website about the nutritionals on an average single serving (7") pizza and according to their studies they contain over 600 calories and 20 grams of fat. Now according to my own common sense I know that when most people eat pizza they consume MUCH more than 600 calories of pizza. This weekend at the grocery store I picked up another single serving pizza ("for one") put out by a major label featuring 840 calories and 44 grams of fat!!!! Now for the most part when you are dieting or even maintaining you think that pizza is one of those off limits foods, but not anymore with this pizza! The best part about this pie is the taste. I would never ever ever think that there was anything light about it but with only 248 calories and ZERO grams of fat it is nothing but light! The crust is a bit thicker than an average thin crust- the edges get nice and browned keeping the inside chewy and delicious. The sauce has just the right amount of zip and the cheese is nothing short of irresistible. This pizza gets my highest recommendations, I promise it will leave you satisfied! You can order directly from their website and these pizzas will be delivered to your very own doorstep.