Drink No Evil

Adina Holistics has a full line of “Herbal Exlairs” aka authentically unique beverages that keep both health and flavor in mind. Their blends are inspired by recipes that use herbs to create a balancing effect on your body-- the folks over at Adina focus on reliving stress which is so prevalent for many of us. How could you be stressed when sipping on a Pomegranate Acai, Grapefruit Gogi, Mango Orange Chamomile, Honey Eucalyptus, Peach Amalaki, Blackberry Hibiscus or a Honey Lemon Aloe refreshing drink? I love, love, love the bottle with the playful monkey and peaceful tribal designs all over. They even attach informative labels to the top of the caps.

100% organic
Fair Trade
Gluten Free