Live well. Spend less.

I love this motto! I love quality, organic, natural products that are eco friendly and cruelty free but sometimes the premium gets so expensive. After discovering this website- Natural Value- I am OBSESSED with all the great products I can get under their Natural Value umbrella. To start off with, its not just food. They have everything from garbage bags to baby wipes to wax paper and sooooooooo much more:

That doesn't even begin to cover all the food products they have. From quality peanut butter to organic green beans (which I had for dinner by the way) you name it, they have it. You could seriously live off this website and never visit the store again-- wouldn't that be fabulous? See below for a great food selection that they have and for my dinner "creation" using their yummy green beans!

If you find yourself asking what is this? It was SO good-- green beans, cauliflower and egg substitute all sauteed together, I added some hot sauce for good measure of course.