Sunday night happened to be a snack night versus a dinner night, it was such a great change of pace. First off, I had some splenda sweetened breadand butter pickles by Mt. Olive.

If you have never had these they are so good. Bread and butters without all the sugar of your typical pickles-tangy and sweet pickle chips. Mmmmm! These are great on boca burgers, inwraps or just on their own. Then some Tribe brand Roasted Eggplant Hummus(O.M.G.) with some dippable size pita chips by Kangaroo Brand.

These pita chips were the perfect dippable size, very lightly salted and buttery tasting. Kangaroos pita chips are all-natural and contain no trans fats.They did not need any dip at all but the Eggplant Hummus was just too good to pass up. It was so creamy and had such a great hint of Eggplant.