You too can say Yes to Cookies!

For the full details on these cookies you will have to check out their website it is chock full of information on Fiber, Protein, Carbs, Absorption etc etc etc. The way they have made these cookies they contain tons of fiber, no starches, sugars and no gluten. They are even great for diabetics or if you are allergic to wheat even on a low carb diet. Yes to cookies has two ready to chow on flavors-- Cocoa-Licious or Strawberry-Banana Blitz. Ready to eat cookies contain: Cocoa-Licious flavor: Erythritol, Cereal Fiber Psyllium*, Butter, Egg, Whey Protein Isolate, Cocoa Powder, Psyllium Husk, Organic Gum Acacia, Natural Vanilla flavor, Spices, Cellulose HP-SA, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rebaudioside A (as a sweetner) and Salt. Of course I am eating the Cocoa-Licious flavor first since I am a hard-core chocolate addict.

I love them and especially love the ingredients. I already add psyllium husk to my diet and just love that these cookies are made with it, I think the health benefits of this fiber are great. When I make my own no-bake cookies I always add this to the mix. My first try of the cookies I ate them directly out of the container, next time I warmed them a bit and then I crushed them and froze them under a layer of my homemade ice cream for an ice cream pie! The last was my favorite!