All Things Organic Meet

Jappel Organics is a great shop offering an array of sustainable goods for your home and body. Recently I was able to get the T-Herbal Face Lotion and the Rooibos Eye Cream from their new Supreme Organic Skin Care Line. The crew at Jappel understands how sacred the skin really is and how harshly it is treated on a day to day basis. Various irritants, the sun and aging all create havoc for your precious skin cells and that is where a quality skin regime comes into place. Now that I have hit my 30’s I am becoming aware of how important taking care of my skin really is… especially the tissue like skin around my eyes. Rooibos eye cream is very thick and creamy for that gentle skin, enhanced with hyaluronic acid, lavender, blue green algae, calendula, rooibos, pomegranate extracts and evening primrose to retain the moisture in this area. Moisturized skin always looks healthier! So what about the rest of your face? Jappel has a Herbal Face lotion to cover that as well. It coats your skin with a nice layer of lotion that soothes with teas and herbs all while maintaining your skin health without harsh chemicals, parabens, or preservatives.

What more could you ask for? Well, they do have more! I also picked up some Chia Seeds from their online marketplace. What are Chia Seeds? Here is a tiny insight into the wonderful world of Chia in the works of Jappel:

Chia seeds are similar to the familiar flaxseed. But, there is much more packed into the little Chia seed that will give Flaxseed a run for it’s money. Chia provides both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in your diet. Chia is easily stored and won’t become rancid with age like Flaxseed. Chia digests well when eaten whole or may be used in hundreds of possible recipes. The only flavor Chia will add is a slight nutty taste and a huge amount of nutrition.
Omega-3’s are the good fats that do a great deal for us. They nourish the brain, lower cholesterol, protect against inflammation and ward off heart disease to name a few. Fish such as Salmon are the usual sources for omega-3’s in our diet. But, as concerns grow about the presence of toxins in fish, alternative plant sources of omega-3’s, like flaxseed and chia seed, are becoming more important. A great factor with Chia Seed is that it doesn’t have cholesterol like most fish. The black, white, brown, and every shade in between are all equally nutritious. A blend of the types of Chia are a great marriage.

I was surprised to learn that Chia Seeds are a protein source! How exciting. Here is my breakfast from this AM along with the recipe:
1 ¼ cup boiling water
Add ½ cup rolled oats to this, let it boil until most of the water is absorbed.
Add ½ cup liquid egg whites to the mix
A few frozen berries if desired
Let this simmer. Then add ½ scoop of Vanilla Twin Lab Protein Powder and sprinkle Chia Seeds over the top. ENJOY!