I have yet to meet a person who does not enjoy fresh trail mixes, heart healthy nuts, scrumptious seeds, cheesy or caramel-y popcorn… That is why you have got to shoot yourself across cyberspace to Anton-Argires nuts. They have tons to choose from—all types of nuts, dried fruit and gourmet popcorn made to order! In shell nuts year round in a variety of forms from raw to roasted to flavored, they have it all. I ripped right into the popcorn and sampled first a cheese kernel. It was soooo cheesy, soft and fresh tasting. I just had to try the caramel—sweet, crunchy and fresh. It brought me back to being a kid and getting the “mix” so what did I do? Mixed the two right up! It was hard to stop eating it to be honest—it was the best popcorn I have had in years. This morning for a snack I had some brazil nuts and they were so fresh you would swear they were just grown! If you are looking for quality, great customer service (the president of the company is super nice) and ways to better your health at the same—here you go now you can bookmark this site!