Better than homemade

Occasionally I will make a passed down marinara recipe and save the leftovers for quick and awesome dinners. I will never have to slave over that tedious recipe again! I am a working woman with very little extra time on my hands people! I have yet to have a “jarred” sauce that I love. Maybe this is because I grew up in an Italian household with real sauces and authentic dishes.

So when I found out about Chicago based Couplaguys (LOVE the name clever and funny), I carefully read their ingredient list and it sounded like old fashioned sauce—how it is meant to be prepared. Last night, I was lucky enough to actually get to try Couplaguys marinara sauce. I could not believe how thick this sauce was (see it sitting on the spoon) and how hearty! I popped open the top and the aroma of the sauce literally filled the kitchen and made my stomach start grumbling. All I had to do was heat the sauce up and serve. The jar is perfectly proportioned to one pound of pasta but lucky for me I have some leftover waiting for me in the fridge, it will not make it to the weekend. Not only do they have a marinara sauce they have: Awesome Arrabiata, Buoy Base (read about this one—so cool), Crème de la Crimini (with sliced Cimini mushrooms), Perfect Puttanesca, Serious Sesame Sauce (this is right up my alley), and Terrific Tapenade (YUM).

I have to give a special shout out to my new friend Joe over at Couplaguys! I really enjoyed talking to him and he has a serious passion for food. I am on a personal mission for this sauce to be carried locally in Milwaukee, it is THAT good, but in the meantime you can order direct from their website.