Familiar Face in the Crowd

Among the sea of protein powders, drinks and bars there is always the familiar EAS Sports Nutrition brand available. Its popular at almost every retailer and for good reason. It is awesome! I had the pleasure of trying their Banana Crème drink, Strawberry Crème drink and a Chocolate Peanut butter bar. I already pick up their protein powders when I shop at my “warehouse” store so I was very curious on what their ready made bars and drinks were going to taste like. The Strawberry Crème tastes JUST like Strawberry milk that you used to have when you were little! I could not believe it was a protein drink. The Banana Crème was my favorite of the drinks. I LOVE banana stuff and this was super creamy and had a great banana taste, not artificial like most banana “flavored” items. EAS also knows how to make bars. This bar was seriously like a dessert. A little high for my protein/ caloric needs for a snack but I cut it in half and had the rest for an afternoon treat. Their website has loads of information and it is super flashy with athletes, products and free coupons occasionally!