“Green is not a label, it’s a lifestyle”

I love that! Gypsystyle makes an array of incredibly cute eco-conscious stylish bags in a variety of colors, shapes, designs and sizes. Gypsystyle is founded on the belief that green living should be easy and affordable—as well as fashionable. When I got my totes from Gypsystyle I was immediately impressed with the quality, construction and thought put into these bags. Each bag has zippers, compartments, and storage all in the right spots not to mention the length of the handles are just perfect! Great for getting groceries, packing your bag for work, gym clothes, yoga bags—they have it all covered right on their website. Each bag is made of 100% recycled plastic using plastic soda bottles and wrappers creating Gypsystyle's signature weightless fabric that is very durable and has such a positive impact on the environment. On their website they give the straight up facts on just how harmful plastic bags are for our precious earth. Do your part to reduce waste and carry a Gypstyle bag!