Its Perfect!

Check out my Perfect Foods bar that I had today as my afternoon snack. Have you ever had one of those peanut butter rice crispy treats? Yeah, you know what I am talking about. So yummy, crispy and peanut buttery all at the same time. Addicting little suckers! Well, my Perfect Foods bar brought me back to the sweet days of Peanut Butter rice crispy treats…. This bar was so good. It had tons of peanut buttery flavor – it is the main ingredient right after the puffed brown rice to give it the “crispy” flavor. I was so afraid that the cranberries were going to ruin my throwback to the rice crispy treat but they just enhanced the flavor! In addition, they snuck in a Whole Food powder! There was no detection of the -Sunflower Seed*, Sesame Seed*, Flax Seed*, Rice Bran*, Rose-Hip*, Orange*, Lemon*, Grapefruit*, Tomato*, Apple*, Bell Pepper, Papaya*, Mango*, Black Cherry, Cranberry, Fig, Alfalfa*, Celery*, Spinach*, Parsley*, Mint, Kelp*, Dulse*- that made up this health boosting powder!

Please don’t ask me to share!