Late night drinks

Not alcoholic ones silly-- I am talking coffee! I love coffee and wish that I could drink it well into the night especially when it is so cold outside. Even the little bit of caffiene in decaf will keep me staring at the ceiling so I generally avoid it after dinner unless I want to be up well into the night. I had never heard of coffee alternatives before and was a little hesistant to try Teeccino but its blend of herbs, grains, fruits and nuts that are roasted and ground fresh to taste exactly like coffee. I was also intrigued by its low acidity level meant to avoid that pesky heartburn that also bothers a lot of coffee drinkers. SO I put it to the test first trying their 75% Vanilla Nut blend. Exactly as they had promised I could not tell the difference between the Teeccino blend or a gourmet flavored coffee blend. This coffee is the answer for those looking to avoid late night caffiene, caffiene all together or the acidic effects that coffee drinking has on the body. Give this yummy "coffee" a try!