Making the Transition to Green Living easy!

The market is getting more and more eco-conscious allowing consumers the choice to be “green” in their daily living. Where do you start though when you are used to the disposable, wasteful lifestyle that most Americans have grown quite fond of? Give a Green Bag – Full Spectrum Living offers all sorts of solutions for gifts and yourself while promoting the eco-friendly lifestyle. They have an array of living kits on their website that you can order for yourself or gift to a friend. Lucky me for getting a “Light Green Full Spectrum Living Kit”—take a peek:

Included in my kit of goodies:
A Green Light Green Home Booklet with tons of living green and money savings tips.
4 corn-based cards with recipes for household cleaning products
Spray bottle for making my cleansers or air fresheners
Sponge Towel- equal to 17 rolls of paper towel!
Hemp Scrubber to remove stuck on dirt and grease
Soap Berry Nuts (equal to 4 loads of laundry soap)
Sprouting sponge
Recycled pens and pencils (these are so cool—the pens especially)

Reclaimed fiber cleaning cloths—use instead of paper towels etc… just wash and reuse
Recycled lidded jar—again for mixing your homemade solutions
Everything in this pack is awesome. I could not get over the pens and the reusable towels. I would consider giving this as a gift to anyone since it is so versatile and handy. It also steers the green-newbie in the right direction by teaching how to’s on making cleaning solutions, reusing cloths etc…
Check out their website for more great ideas—and products you have never seen before including their Laundry Ball which allows you to do your laundry without polluting mother earth.