Better than flowers

I don’t know about you but given the chance to get flowers delivered or THIS:

There would be absolutely no hesitation when I was screaming give me  "Flowers To Eat”! These gorgeously decorated apple slices and dipped strawberries were beautiful to look at and tasted even better. I have had dipped fruit before but these were truly original flavors:
Strawberry Sampler
Simply Scrumptious! A winning combination of chocolate and strawberries that can be shared. Flavors include: Butterfinger, toffee, coconut, toasted coconut and double chocolate chip.
Apple Sampler
Granny Smith Apple wedges are dipped in our ever popular flavors which include Dark gourmet chocolate with Mounds Coconut, Reese’s Peanut Butter with Butterfingers and Milk gourmet chocolate with Toffee bits

All the fruit was so fresh, the strawberries were huge, plump and juicy—the apples were tart and crisp and Granny Smith’s complimented the toppings perfectly. I would be so excited to send these gourmet goodies to anyone. If you take a peek at their website you will see they deliver just about anywhere and they have very affordable arrangements ranging all the way up to extravagant bouquets!