Enhance Your Performance

We all know about the pros of using a Whey Protein powder supplement but how about using Creatine to enhance your performance and energy levels? Well Life Extension makes a combo formula that is a Creatine Whey Glutamine Powder. It is a great mixture—I am not sure how this supplement combination has not crossed my path sooner but doing my research it looks like Life Extension are the leaders in this market. Their Vanilla flavored power has Whey to help you build up your muscles and prevent the loss of muscle tissue. Glutamine is an amino acid that “generates energy and helps increase strength, quicker recovery, and exercise endurance” (can’t beat that). And finally, Creatine which occurs naturally in the body but when used as a supplement by athletes it helps maximize power and performance therefore helping you in the gym or even you day to day activities.

Serving Size= 1 level scoop
Calories= 60
Protein= 13 grams
Calcium= 70 mg
Creatine= 2 grams
L-Glutamine= 3 grams
Flavor= Vanilla
Taste= For me the taste was decent, would like to see a chocolate flavor.
My take= I think this combination is excellent. I am drinking this pre-workout and have noticed increased strength and less soreness. Would recommend.