Have a Heart

The Mediterranean style of cooking really is all the rage and for good reason. For a long time everything was fat-free and all we heard about was the negative effects of fats in our diet. FATS ARE CRUCIAL, everyone MUST understand this. You must also understand what KIND of fats. Mezzetta offers a wide variety of products and many of those fit into the good fats category and a selection of items that can help you cook more like a Mediterranean! (ppssst—check out their website for a slew of great recipes). If you choose to go the Mediterranean way you will be delighted to learn that your healthy diet is made up of staples like fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, grains and has room for olive oils, cheese, yogurts and even red wine! Look for more delicious information on Mezzetta’s website. When you are there check out their online gourmet market which will delight your senses with choices like Imported and Domestic Peppers, Roasted Peppers, Fancy Stuffed Olives, Olive Oil, Imported Capers, Specialty Cocktail additions, Pickled Vegetables, Pastas, Deli Items and even Gift Baskets. All of their items come packed in glass jars sealing them fresh and keeping them delicious. I was able to try the Artichoke Hearts and Roasted Red Peppers so far. The Artichoke Hearts were simply the best I have ever had. Slightly spiced, soft and perfectly prepared. The Roasted Red Peppers were unlike anything I could have imagined. I have never had anything like it but they were truly a guilt-free TREAT. They were long strips of Red Bell Peppers grilled to perfection and jarred so I didn’t have to do the work. I could not believe how good these WERE (yes, gone). I ate a couple straight out of the jar and made a Roasted Red Pepper fajita with the rest. Here is all I had to do to make the fajita and it rivaled any restaurants—that is for sure!

Easy Fajita Mezzetta style
4 strips of Mezzetta roasted red peppers
Handful of Mushrooms
Handful of onion strips
Meat, Tofu or Tempeh of choice (I had faux meat strips)
Guac if desired
Pre-cook the meat if you are using chicken or steak etc… If not, I just tossed the meat strips, mushrooms and onions together in a pan with a bit of water and let it cook until hot. I added the red peppers and let it all get warm and plopped into a tortilla, topping with remaining ingredients. It was so good and I attribute this to the peppers!