It’s a good sore, I promise

If you workout, you know what I mean. Sometimes you are so sore but it feels good. You know you worked hard and your muscles are screaming. Plus, to keep your muscles changing you have to damage them so they will repair and grow. But there is something better than just having sore muscles—getting those sore muscles rubbed. Oh yeah! Badger Balm makes a sore muscle balm that is affordable, effective and smells delicious. If you can talk someone into rubbing your sore muscles that is the way to go but this works great applied directly to your calves, arms, chest, neck or any other place that may be a tad sore. The blend contains natural anti-inflammatory aids, pain blockers, essential oils and when applied helps to keeps you warm and loose. Its makeup of organic oils, butters, waxes and extracts are good for your skin to boot.