Move Over!

Other peanut butters. CB’s is in the house! Hands down this is the thickest, creamiest peanut butter I have ever tasted. It is my new favorite. I previously had a peanut butter loyalty but would choose CB’s over it any time. It is very hard to try and find a peanut butter that is JUST peanuts but that is exactly what CB’s is! Just peanuts! I can tell the peanuts used to make this spread are extremely high quality and handled just right by these guys. They make a variety of nuts too (excellent jumbo pistachios) that come in these cool brown bags and taste delicious. Its no wonder the peanut butter tasted so good after I sampled the in-shell peanuts (unsalted or salted) that they make in Washington roasting in small batches to bring us the best nuts possible. They have a variety of products but I just can not get off the peanut butter! MAN it is GOOD. Peanut butter is a very hard thing to resist so I advise strongly to buy these jars one at a time. If they don’t have it in your local grocer you can buy online or you can print a form right on their website to hand to your store manager and demand that they carry this peanut butter. Usually, they listen! They are there to please you and this peanut butter will—trust me.