Pancakes are not just for the weekend anymore!

Pancakes are not usually healthy—a mixture of flours, eggs, oils- then fried in a pan and topped with sugary syrups. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Start with a mix like Fibre’s Original Premium Multi-Grain Pancakes and whip up a batch packed with multi-grains, 9 grams of fiber (hence the name) as well as 1000mg Omega-3 and Anti-oxidants to keep you fueled until your next meal. There are so many possibilities for making these a bit different or topping them creatively. I made mine as directed and topped with a drizzle of sugar free syrup and they tasted just like those luscious pancake house pancakes. Yum. Next time, I may try adding some blueberries (or other dried fruit), some cocoa powder, canned pumpkin, vanilla extract… You get the idea! Then top with melted peanut butter, jam, honey or another one of my favorites: take a bit of flavored protein powder, a dash of sweetener, a bit of water and whisk until a syrup is formed.

So what sets Fibre apart from the rest? It is cardiologist developed with the idea of heart disease prevention with smart dietary choices. Based on these principles, Fibre’s food selections are made using fiber, omega-3s, fruits and vegetables, wheat germ making as many heart healthy ingredients as possible fit into their variety of mixes. Fibre keeps their products unsweetened and low-glycemic to help you maintain your heart happy goals for a long time. Jump on their website to see the other great offerings like their blueberry oatmeal and orchard blends.