Quite Possibly the Best Water in the World

Did you even know they had bottled water in 1871? Mountain Valley was doing it! They are the originals bottling unsurpassed quality water for over 135 years! That is seriously a long time. I made reference to it being the best water in the world because it has twice won “Best Tasting Non-Carbonated Bottled Water in the World”. That is a huge feat with all the water bottling manufacturers out there. Mountain Valley Spring Water is pristine, contains a naturally high pH with minerals including fluoride. I never knew much about spring water but it is so cool! Read this excerpt:
Many teams of geologists have tested the spring source over the years and have determined that the water takes up to 3,500 years for the rain falling on Cedar Mountain to travel to the deep aquifer and return as Mountain Valley Spring Water. The filtering of this ancient water and the minerals it collects along the way make it different from many other bottled water sources.
Not only do they carry their line up of wonderfully clean spring water—they also have carbonated waters. In my opinion, they are lightly carbonated which is perfect. They are slightly bubbly without the effects of standard bubbly carbonation. They would be great for drinking on their own, adding SF flavored syrups to or even as a drink mixer!
This is kind of a different idea but I tried it and it WORKED. So here is my invention based on the diet coke cake mix recipes that frequent recipe boards. Mountain Valley Carbonated Water cake! I took a low-sugar cake mix, added one bottle of Mountain Valley Carbonated Water and made cupcakes. Even healthier than the diet coke, diet sprite recipes and you could use it in any cake mix.