Stephanie’s Premium Bakery Cookies

Its usually nice to do-it-yourself when it comes to bakery items. Standard bakery items, even so called light items are loaded with ingredients that should not be consumed! It is very possible to make your own delicious baked goods while controlling exactly what goes in them. I did however like the look of Stephanie’s Premium NO SUGAR ADDED cookies. Handmade, no sugar added cookies like Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Chip or her 3-C’s cookies. She calls these cookies “Taste Sensations” and she is not kidding! They are truly a sensational taste and without the guilt. They have no sugar added which adds up to less calories than regular cookies. Instead of adding sugar, Stephanie’s Premium Bakery adds a substitute called Isomalt which is a natural derivative of beet sugar. It is found to not have side effects that most artificial sweeteners do and does not spike glucose levels (safe for diabetics). Check out her website she also has low fat, no sugar muffins too! Put those on my “must eat” list too!