Vitalicious has done it again

When I heard that Vitalicious had come out with new flavors I was PUMPED and a bit frantic to get my hands on them. Just in case you are not familiar with Vitalicious Brand Vitatops they are muffins, muffin tops or brownies that only have 100 calories. Vitalicious snacks are not like other 100 calorie snacks—these are delicious, generous portioned and actually have nutritional value to them. A little about the tops:

Nutrients – contains 15 vitamins, minerals, soy and oat bran
Control – only 100 calories per 2-oz serving
Health – high in fiber (5-6g per serving)... and they are kosher
Satisfaction – leaves you feeling full because fiber-rich foods take longer to digest
Peace of mind – all natural muffin tops with no artificial additives or preservatives
Now onto the flavors—Vitalicious recently introduced some new tops to the world. The first one being—Raisin Bran top! I love muffin tops and I have a love of raisin bran so what could be better? They were just as I expected, hearty bran-like texture and plump, juicy raisins that added a perfect amount of sweetness. SOLD! These I would definitely just eat on their own instead of making a recipe with them but they are amazing! Make it a breakfast with a yogurt on the side. (These pack in 5 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein)
What other flavor tops are there? Deep Chocolate (Insanely good), Banana Nut (delicious and satisfies those banana nut muffin cravings with sweet banana flavor and chunky nuts on the top), Fudgy Peanut Butter Cup (Amazing—had never tried these yet and fell in love Choc + PB=Heaven), Triple Chocolate Chunk (Like a melt in your mouth chocolate cookie but better for your buns) and Banana Fudge (have not yet tried but I don’t think Vitalicious can mess anything up). Watch for seasonal flavors as well—tried the Chocolate Fig and didn’t even know but I love figs!
Check out the Deep Chocolate Vitatop with a dollop of Peanut Butter.