Weekend Skin

The weekend was spent painting! Pics of this will be coming soon—along with more information on the all-natural paint that I used but in the meantime I wanted to make sure that I gave a shout-out to Skin MD for saving my hands this weekend. I had this lotion in my cabinet, saving it for an extreme situation. I hit just that this weekend. I was constantly getting paint on my hands, cleaners etc, then washing them off so my hands were a dry mess. In the past, I mentioned that I have a skin condition anyways but can not always use my prescription on my hands so I look for a hand cream that gives me a good coat that does not wash off with every hand scrub. After using just a tiny dab of Skin MD I was amazed at how smooth and silky the lotion went on and how soft my hands felt. I rubbed some on my feet too and proudly showed by S.O. how great they were and SOFT. I almost got a foot rub out of it so I am going to keep on with the regimen. Skin MD is an all-natural formula that you can safely use all over your body and face. The lotion is light and I don’t know how to describe it but as very silky. I read the testimonials on how great it is and how it has helped people move past skin issues that they have been dealing with for years. So far, so good. I love this formula.