Be Fashionably Green

With Cangles. Thank you to Cangles for sending me two of their beautiful eco-friendly bracelets! I love them! Each bracelet is unique, hand made from recycled materials and produced right here in the US of A! So why are they called “Cangles”? They are recycled cans that would have otherwise ended up in landfills but instead are eco-accessorizing us in the form of earrings, mens bangles & cuffs, teens bangles & cuffs and of course womens bangles & cuffs. I got two of their bracelets, one a cuff and the other a bangle, with two totally different styles! The cuff is a brown Starbucks can and the bangle is a Harley Davidson design—so you can see just how vast the variety is on their site. They literally have something for everyone. They are making great use of old (but sanitized) soda, tea and energy drink cans. I just love companies that share as well—they contribute to the Ronald McDonald House and Save the Earth Foundation so every time you purchase a stylish bracelet you are aiding in the contributions! Also, check out their special Cangle section where they feature various charities that they donate money to like the Susan G. Komen foundation to help find the “Cure”!