Fiddyment Farms Pistachios

Fiddyment Farms has been growing their pistachios since 1968 and it shows. These pistachios are amazing- the quality is top notch and the freshness factor is best in class. They roast all of their pistachios on small batches and package them so that they are fresh when you get them. I was able to try Butter Toffee, Mandarin, Salt Free, Sea Salt & Pepper and Garlic Onion Pistachios. My favorites? For the shelled pistachios I loved the Butter Toffee pistachios. I had only had butter toffee peanuts before but I love the pistachios even more, they give a great balance to the richness of the coating. For the shelled varieties my favorite was plain and simple—Salt Free. Their pistachios really do not need any dressing up although I do encourage you to try the delicious flavors they have to offer because they are all excellent. I hope and pray that you are not still one of those people that holds out on eating nuts because of the high fat content. Please oh please realize that fat is essential to the health of your body and daily functions. There is a difference between “good fat” and “bad fat” though – lucky for you pistachios fall right into the good fat category. Another thing I love about pistachios—the serving size is GENEROUS which is not the case with other nuts. You can have 49 nuts as the serving size—that is a lot of crunching!