Headliners—New Healthy Indulgences

Finally, a healthy flavored yogurt has come onto the market! Stonyfield makes my favorite line of Greek Yogurt to begin with, the Oikos line which includes: strawberry, honey, blueberry, vanilla, plain and now introducing Caramel and Chocolate! I am always adding mix-ins to my yogurt but with these new varieties I have no need! Now, I have looked at all the typical flavored yogurts and their nutritionals compare more to a dessert than a healthy snack or meal-time addition. Not something you would want in your daily diet but these are very different—packed with protein and low on calories all while getting a thick, chocolate yogurt. The sweetness of the yogurt was perfect as well as the chocolate flavor—all very balanced. The Caramel, although second to the chocolate for my taste buds, is also excellent. High in protein and flavor it is creamy and delicious. I mixed this one up and stuck it in the freezer for a ice cream like treat.