A Heartfelt Hug for the Tummy

That is Doodles Cookies alright! I love Doodles because they offer mixes for cookies that you make at home yourself to get that fresh out of the oven, homemade taste. They are very different than other cookie mix companies though—Doodles recognized the need for a cookie mix that is all natural, gluten free, organic and just god for you! Not only that, they taste soooooo good! I have whipped up a batch of the Chocolate Chip cookies so far and have another mix left to make—nut butter! MMMM! The other great thing is that the ingredients are of high quality and ones you like to feed your family like all brown rice flour, chocolate chips, oats, and brown sugar—making them also lower in calories and fat than traditional cookies. To make the cookies even more sensible the mix calls for applesauce which keeps them moist and delicious.