Let me eat CAKE!

Friday just was my lucky day. I got CAKE in the mail. I am a cake lover—who isn’t? Ever since I got back from vacation I have loved Rum cakes. Rum cakes are actually an old fashioned cake using simple but fine ingredients like creamery butter, aged vanilla bean, and the smoothest of dark rums that appeal to my inner foodie! J. Marie cakes come in three delectable and very different flavors: Vanilla Butter Rum, Chocolate Butter Rum and Limoncello. They are all the perfect balance of very moist, dense cake with rich undertones of rum and either vanilla, chocolate or lemon. The vanilla and chocolate were exactly what I expected but better. I was unsure of how the lemon would taste but it was actually a vanilla flavored cake with the perfect accent of lemon—all the creamy, moist, dense deliciousness was there plus some. The chocolate won my heart—dark chocolate lovers dream come true.