Lil’ Lovers

I love these Lil’ Lovers by Love and Quiches Desserts! Rich, chocolate brownies for just 100 calories. Usually, 100 calorie snacks leave you wanting more but these are really satisfying and have a great gourmet taste to them. I love snacks that are easy to pack on the go and that are good for you—these are perfect for lunchboxes of all ages and have been making appearances in mine quite frequently lately. Looking for something a little more indulgent? Love and Quiches has you covered with their Homestyle Desserts, Sweet Singles, Classic Layer Cakes, Grab & Go Line, Cheesecakes, Brownies, Bars, Sheet Cakes, Custom Desserts and of course Quiches! Speaking of more indulgent, I also got my hands on some of their Classic Brownies with Walnuts. Wow. The brownie is just like a homemade version—great chocolate taste, dense cake-like brownie but topped with crunchy walnut pieces for the perfect finish to this treat.