Lucky Me!

I got a new bathroom scale! The technology on this scale is through the roof, they guarantee you will love it with their 100% EatSmart Satisfaction Guarantee. You can hop right onto this scale with no wait period and get an instant reading on a huge display screen with easy to read numbers and blue back lighting. The top is very sturdy and strong even though the glass looks like you would have to be gentle with it, it can actually hold up to 400 pounds. We have a physician style scale at the gym that is very precise and I got the same accurate reading on this scale. Reading on their website they have four high-gauge EatSmart precision sensors that guarantee accuracy. I love that I can tuck this scale right underneath my vanity too with its sleek design. They sell it on Amazon and directly on their site. This scale will really help you reach your goals and monitor your weight closely in the comfort of your own home. EatSmart makes other precision scales as well, make sure to check them out—they have my seal of approval!