Party Season!

Its summertime and that means party season! I love the parties, hate the cleanup. So I especially detest when I am washing glass after glass for the same person, or if I decide to go for disposables have one person use cup after cup. That is why these stickers by Clinqs are so cute and so much fun. Each person can personalize their glass so they know it is theirs, both adults and kids! And when I say personalize, I mean it—they have any kind of sticker you can think of from hot dogs to letters. Fun! Read a little more:

ClinQs! Can be used over and over.
Simply.... PEEL & PLACE.
Keep them on the included storage card.
If they are ever dirty, simply wash with warm soapy water and your CLINQS! will stick like new.
From soda cans to your finest stemware.