Prairie Pride Farm

Okay, my new find—Prairie Pride Farm of Minnesota is going to be a regular on my blog. Last night, I got a huge shipment of their bacon, pork chops, brats, chicken links, chicken sausage, cheddar filled sausage, summer sausage, ham and wieners. Dinner was decided! My mouth was just watering looking at all the farm fresh meats! I knew though that once I saw the Cheddar Smoked Sausages that my previous dinner plan flew right out of the window. Not to mention the nutritional stats on it beats any of those that I have seen for a Cheddar Sausage. Their sausages are naturally cured without the use of nitrates and pack in an amazing flavor. The cheddar sausage was bursting with cheddar cheese in a tasty sausage shell. All the sausages are 85% lean, low salt and very fresh. I love the meats that I got from Prairie Pride Farm, you too can order your meat right there online. They pack it up really nice and ship it right to you. I will be eating and reviewing tons of other products from them in the next few weeks. In the meantime, order your meat just in time for grilling season!