Spelt RIGHT!

What a treat! Lucky me, I was able to try the awesome bagels and whole grain spelt bread (they also have cinnamon raisin and rosemary) by Spelt Right Bakery. Spelt Right Bakery not only has a great story behind their baked goods (go online to read the inspirational story), they have amazing breads and bagels that are vegan, Kosher certified and allergy friendly. All of Spelt Right’s goodies are made with only the best all natural ingredients that are mostly organic—the spelt flour is always organic. Speaking of Spelt—they have tons of great information on the benefits of Spelt. I learned quite a bit from surfing their site including its nutritional attributes. In addition to this, I absolutely loved the taste of these bagels and bread. I toasted the bagels and topped with a smudge of butter and was amazed at how nutty the taste of the bagel was in addition to the crunchy on the outside, chewy and soft on the inside light texture. The bread was also suggested to be toasted so I made a grilled cheese and tomato with this and fell in love. The bread also had that nutty taste with a hearty texture that was perfect!