There is Kefir in my dressing!

Oh me, oh my this is my new favorite thing. Litehouse makes a bunch of good for you options like dressings and dips for your favorite fruits and veggies but now they have outdone themselves. They have created Kefir Yogurt based dressings in the Balanced Options line.

Apparently, they really do understand how important it is to make healthy choices easy! So they have Kefir Caesar, Kefir Ranch and Kefir Blue Cheese—notice that these are the best dressings out there and usually the worst for you, well not anymore. I am so impressed with the taste of these lightened up and healthified dressings, they will be a new staple in my refrigerator. Whenever you want to stay on the right track when picking healthy choices for your family look for the Litehouse Balanced Options seal. All of the products with this seal are;
√ Under 100 calories √ No high fructose corn syrup
√ Under 10 grams fat √ No trans fats
√ No preservatives √ 100% Canola oil
√ No MSG √ Gluten free (select items)

I have to mention the Lighthouse singles fruit dips. They are amazing. I was able to try the chocolate and the caramel. Each totally handy dipping pack only has 100 calories and the serving goes a surprisingly long way! The caramel is great for apples, celery or even pretzels and the chocolate is good for bananas or really anything—what isn’t chocolate good with?